MSF Scholarships

Montclair Scholarship Fund (MSF) awards 30 – 40 scholarships each year to Montclair High School’s graduating seniors. Scholarships and award amounts vary from year to year based on donations received and scholarship availability. All scholarships are based on financial need and academic potential.  Learn how to apply.

Montclair Scholarship Fund Scholarships

Funded by fundraising activities led by our Trustees and awarded to students with varied interests who demonstrate a likelihood of successful completion of college. Award amounts and number of scholarships offered vary from year to year based on donations received.  DONATE

Diane E. Bailey Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Diane E. Bailey, the beloved cousin of a Montclair Scholarship Fund Trustee and Montclair High School alumna. A humanitarian, Diane spent much of her 35-year career at the United Nations producing radio programming broadcast worldwide and participating in many UN missions supporting human rights and democracy. This scholarship is awarded to a Montclair High School graduating senior who has demonstrated an interest in promoting human rights and the rights of women in particular.

Richard I. Bonsal Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Richard I. Bonsal by all his children and grandchildren to a Montclair High School Senior, selected by the Trustees of the Montclair Scholarship Fund, Inc., for academic achievement and interest in the pursuit of knowledge and for high standards of integrity and concern for the rights of others.

Richard Bonsal was a longtime resident of Montclair who attended the Montclair Public Schools from Kindergarten through 12th Grade, graduating MHS in 1938.  He was the highest scoring member of the MHS State Championship Mathematics Team.  He graduated Yale University with High Honors in 1942 with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Bonsal was President of Joshua L. Baily & Co., Inc., selling agent and factor for textile mills, and was a Commissioner of the Town (now Township) of Montclair from 1972 to 1980, and Deputy Mayor of the Town (now Township) of Montclair from 1972 to 1976. He dedicated his life to serving his community and was active in many industry associations, Montclair civic and charitable organizations, and barbershop singing as a member of the Dapper Dans of Harmony Chorus and the Baritones Quartet. ($1,560/year for a total $6,240 award)

Effie Britton Scholarship

Offered in memory of Effie Britton who, having taught at Mt. Hebron School for 48 years, died in 1952. She left a lasting impact on Montclair students with Montclair’s own Buzz Aldrin acknowledging her as an important mentor. Academic performance and extracurricular engagement are considered in awarding this scholarship ($1,000 award)

Class of 1943 Scholarship

Created by MHS Class of ’43 as a memorial to the graduates of that class, many of whom died in World War II. It is awarded to a student that has demonstrated excellence, leadership and community responsibility while a student at MHS. ($1,000 award)  DONATE

William DeLorenzo, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Awarded in memory of William DeLorenzo, Sr., PhD, father of four MHS graduates and grandfather of MHS alumna, Lexie, and current sophomore, Natalie Rechan. This scholarship is granted to a student who has an interest in studying biology (preferably microbiology) or medicine and who has a positive disposition and kind, gentle manner–characteristics that made Dr. DeLorenzo such an unforgettable man. ($1,125/year for a total $4,500 award)

Diane E. Dickerson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Diane E. Dickerson, the aunt of a Montclair Scholarship Fund Trustee and Montclair High School alumna. Although Mrs. Dickerson never attended college, she was very proud of the academic accomplishments and intellectual and creative pursuits of her daughters, her grandson and her many nieces and nephews. She was also an ardent fan of anyone advancing the rights of the underdog. This scholarship is awarded to a Montclair High School graduating senior who has demonstrated an interest in civil and human rights and who will pursue a career promoting social justice. ($1,250/year for a total $5,000 award)

Edwin A. Feinour Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to community service in the spirit of Edwin Feinour, a long-time Montclair resident and dedicated member of the Kiwanis Club. ($2,000 award)

Craig Gonzalez Scholarship

This scholarship has been established in memory of Craig Gonzalez, a long time Montclair resident and father of MHS alumnus Andrew Gonzalez. Craig’s friends and family have created this fund to honor his commitment to education and his generous spirit. This award recognizes the potential for success and strength of character. ($2,000 award) DONATE

Robert S. Hurt Memorial Scholarship

Established by Montclair residents, MHS alumni and friends and family, near and far, of MHS basketball standout and 1980 graduate, Robert “Bobby Smooth” Hurt. After four years as an MHS Varsity starter, Smooth or Coach Hurt, as he was affectionately known by many, continued his basketball career at Division 1 Fairfield University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.  Returning to Montclair, as the MHS Assistant Boys Varsity Coach & JV Basketball Coach for over 18 years and the founder of Montclair based “Basketball 101” summer camp – a safe place and basketball training ground for hundreds of youth – Coach Hurt shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game and was a mentor to many. This scholarship is given to a member of the boys or girls MHS Varsity Basketball team who embodies the qualities of generosity, kindness and caring by which Coach Hurt lived. ($4,000 award)  DONATE

Jean H. Kidd Memorial Scholarship

The Jean H. Kidd Scholarship” is established in memory of Jean Hyde Kidd, a lifelong Montclair resident and volunteer community leader. Jean was a champion for volunteerism in the areas of education, diversity, and community beautification in Montclair. It is awarded to a senior who has shown leadership both as a volunteer, and in promoting volunteerism in the Montclair community. ($5,000 award)  DONATE

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarships

Awarded to graduating seniors who have achieved academically or have demonstrated scholastic potential and are pursuing further education in the tradition of Dr. King. While MSF does not award or administer these scholarships, MHS students who complete the MSF application process may be considered by the MLK Fund committee for these awards. ($1,000/year for a total $4,000 award).

Alvin L. Koschik, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Alvin L. Koschik, Jr., who was a Jazz organist and trumpet player and the paternal grandfather of two Montclair High School students. It is awarded to an accomplished and passionate musician who has contributed his or her talents to Montclair High School and who intends to major in music at a four-year college or conservatory. ($1,250/year for a total $5,000 award)

MHS Class of 1986 Spirit Award

Created by MHS Class of ’86 to assist future generations of Mounties with the costs of higher education, this award represents the legacy, ideals, and spirit of the Class of 1986 and pays tribute to departed classmates. It is given to academically motivated, community- minded students who show special Mountie spirit in athletics, activities or volunteering.

Montclair Scholarship Fund Music Award

Awarded anonymously to a graduating senior who plans to pursue their interest in music. ($1,000 award)

Montclair Teacher’s Club Scholarship

Awarded to a student who plans to become a teacher. ($3,000 award)

Ernest S. Prince Memorial Scholarship

Ernest S. Prince was a peerless leader within the Urban League movement and dedicated his life to their century-long commitment to civil rights and equal justice. He continued a lifelong crusade to improve the lives of those in need and strove tirelessly to uplift the broader community. Mr. Prince, a man of unparalleled integrity with a work ethic to match, strongly believed that it was important to acknowledge African-American youth who achieve academic excellence and are committed to leadership and social justice. The scholarship recipient should uphold and reflect these qualities and traits. Mr. Prince’s three grandsons, Jasper, Austin and Julian Shorter reside in Montclair and are a part of the Montclair Public School system. He was proud that his grandchildren were members of this system and fully supported the educational philosophy of this wonderful community. DONATE

Reale Scholarship

Given in memory of Giacinto J. Reale, longtime friend to MHS and a minister of the Italian Presbyterian Church of Montclair. This scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated service to school and community. ($1,000 award)

John P. Roberts Memorial Scholarship

Given by C.Y. and Bill Treene in memory of Bill’s favorite MHS English teacher, John Roberts, who through his exceptional teaching skills gave students a lasting appreciation and ability of expression through writing. ($3,000 award)

Clem Taylor Journalism Scholarship

Created by family and friends to honor Montclair resident, Adrian Clemens Taylor “Clem,” an engaged citizen, caring mentor and one of the nation’s most gifted and passionate journalists. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a career in journalism and who exudes the spirit and commitment to journalism that Clem lived.  ($2,500/year for a total $10,000 award)  DONATE

Gary F. Whitlock Memorial Scholarship

Awarded in memory of Gary Whitlock, MHS Class of ‘77 and teacher in the East Orange public schools, to a student who shares Gary’s interest in black culture and demonstrates one of the following attributes:  intellectual curiosity, love of chess or sports, commitment to helping people in need or artistic ability, particularly an interest in animation, cartoons or comics. ($1,000/year for a total $4,000 award)  DONATE

Please note that MSF reserves the right to modify the amounts of, or refrain from offering, any scholarship  prior to its award.